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Its easy accessibility and favourable position in the Mátra makes Mátraháza an excellent starting point of trips. Either in transit or arriving at our final destination let’s stop and take a deep breath.

The origin of the name of Mátraháza derives from the term of the first guest house that was built on Kékesalja at Rózsadomb and opened in 1930 named ’Mátra háza’. Unfortunately, nowadays the building of the still existing shelter, the Pagoda that accommodates 120 persons is closed. Another well-known site of Mátraháza is the Mátra Sanatorium that makes use of the opportunities provided by the sub-Alpine climate with approved healing effects. The sanatorium that was opened in 1932 still accommodates those who suffer from respiratory problems but also other guests are put up in its hotel section.

From the settlement that is part of Gyöngyös several tourist paths radiate to the directions of Kékestető, Mátrafüred, Lajosháza or the Mátra saddle. For those who are in need of spiritual relaxation it is worth walking past the stages of Naphimnusz (Sun hymn) park next to the church. Near Mátraháza large scale hotel development projects were carried out and, as a result, Residence Hotel Ózon and the Lifestyle Hotel Mátra await the guests with their services of highest standard.