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The Mátra has abundant natural lookout places one of which is the beautiful Ágasvár hilltop. It is an attractive destination for hikers and worth the energy.

It is the most prominent summit of west Mátra. Its typical double summits can be seen from Mátraszentimre or the Hasznosi water reserves at the other side of the Mátra. The castle built after the Tartar invasion was presumably demolished during the Turkish times. It is likely that Ágasvár was part of the defence system together with the neighbouring Óvár. It is only the name of the castle that remained. From the 789 m top there is a wonderful view of Bátonyterenye, Maconka water reserves and Karancs-Medves in the north. In good weather even the High Tatra Mountains can be seen.
The summit can be reached from Ágasvár cottage (tourist house) by following the intensively sloping blue ∆ symbol hiking trail.
The cottage under the hilltop gained its current form in 1961. The house still preserves the romantic mood of the hillside shelter houses. It is also worth paying a visit to the nearby natural formation called Turkish footprint.