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The tiny rock that seems insignificant at the edge of Gyöngyössolymos is a geological rarity. The legendary Bába rock is a perfect destination while cycling between Gyöngyös and Mátrafüred. From Gyöngyössolymos we can visit the geological rarity by taking a short walk. Let’s mind our steps on the rocks.

Bába rock can be found near Road 24 off to Gyöngyössolymos surrounded by trees.
It was formed the following way. Hot gases and steam broke out to the surface, hot springs and geysers were active as part of post-volcanic activity. The silica acid content of the hot water of the geysers transformed the rocks of the mountain sometimes and a brand new rock, i.e. geyserite was created.
According to a traditional belief the name derived from the fact that witches used to be burnt here. Another belief says that the ghost of the old Mátra was chasing Baba Yaga but could not catch her. As he was angry, he threw this big stone at her-that is why it is called Bába rock.