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Cseplye top

The bleak hilltop of the Sár (Mud) hill near Gyöngyös is the Cseplye top from where we have a birds’ eyes view to the town and the settlements at the foot of the Mátra.

The 484 m high Cseplye top lying between Gyöngyös and Mátrafüred that belongs to the Sár hill is a favourite starting place of hang-gliders. There is a wonderful view from the monument of the botanist Imre Szerencsés to the direction of Gyöngyös, the settlements at the foot of the Mátra and the crags of the mountain. The lights of the town and those of the Mátra power plant are unparallel when making a trip at night. The yellow symbol of the Sár hill study path can be reached from the direction of Gyöngyös. The length of it is 6.5 km and consists of 12 stations that can be accessed both from Gyöngyös and Mátrafüred. The study path presents the geology and flora of the Sár hill. It is worth continuing our trip to Lake Saint Anna where we can have a rest in the shade of a tiny chapel and enjoy the sounds of wildlife. Later on we can get to Mátrafüred by passing the airport of Pipis hill.