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It is one of the oldest settlements at the foot of the Mátra. In the centre of the village cellars dug in the rock can be found that hide the juice of the grape cultivated on volcanic soil. 

The settlement at the southern foot of the Mátra, the slopes of Sár hill and in the valley of Bene brook is surrounded by vineyards. On the basis of archaeological findings it can be stated that even in 2500 BC the area was inhabited. At the time of the Hungarian conquest it used to belong to the Aba genus that was rewarded with estates by King Stephen I. That is where the name can derive from. In its first written document in 1261 a reference is made to the village as Saár. It got its present name in 1901 and was established by Palatine Csaba and his son, Sámuel Aba. King Sámuel Aba even constructed a monastery here where in 1044 he was also buried as a marble notice on his supposed grave commemorates. During the Turkish times the development of the settlement came to a halt and restarted in the 18th century. In the 19th century people primarily lived on grape cultivation, distributing grape grafts and making wine, which still dominates the profile of the village. There are several cellars in the settlement mainly known for their fragrant and white wines.