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Világos hill

It is one of the most beautiful hilltops of the Mátra which can be reached by taking a longer trip. Let’s not give up as breathtaking experience is guaranteed.

According to a lot of hikers the 708 m high Világos hill is one of the most beautiful summits of the Mátra. The Világos hill also appears in the coat of arms of Gyöngyöstarján, the settlement lying at its foot. The view is dramatic to the direction of Gyöngyöstarján and the Great Plains in the south and in the north of the peak to the direction of Havas, Káva, Muzsla, Tót-hegyes and Galyatető. We have to make efforts for the beautiful view as it can be approached by following the green ∆ symbol hiking trail from Gyöngyöstarján which has a very steep end.