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Kékes forest reserve

Taking a trip in a picturesque forest full of rocky streams and giant beech trees is not an ordinary experience. On the north side of Kékes it can be done.

The protected nature reserve with giant beech trees lies on the north side of Kékes between the Sor rock and Lake Pisztángos (Trout) on the former hunting ground of the Károlyis. Forestry activities have never been carried out of two-thirds of the grounds. The range of trees covering the steep, chilly terraced mountain side illustrates different stages of development with species of more than 200 years old in the upper canopy level. Following the yellow + symbol the special volcanic formations and the stone streams of the Mátra can also be found in addition to the beech trees that dominate the scenery. A resting place of the forest at Lake Pisztrángos (Trout) and one of the greatest springs with abundant water supplies called the Great Spring await the visitors. In the area that was declared a nature reserve in 1986 picturesque giant beech trees, rocks with moss and stone streams accompany us.