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How to access it

Gyöngyös and the Mátra are easily accessible either from the direction of Budapest, Eger and Miskolc . Let’s see how.

By car
Getting to Gyöngyös and the Mátra by road from Budapest and Nyíregyháza is quite easy and fast due to motorway M3.  From Gyöngyös the settlements of the Mátra can be reached on route 24.
Please check www.motorway.hu website for current motorway tolls and e-stickers for further information.
Regarding road conditions please contact ÚTINFORM at +36-1-336-2400

By bus
From Budapest buses run to Gyöngyös, Mátra from the Stadiums almost every half an hour. Again, from Gyöngyös buses to the nearby settlements are also frequently operated.
Timetable information:
Online timetable
Stadium Bus Station, 1143 Budapest, Hungária krt. 48-52. Tel: +36-1-220-6227
Mátra Volán, 3200 Gyöngyös, Koháry út 19. Tel: +36-37-311-039

By rail
Gyöngyös can be reached by fast or passenger train alike on the railroad between Budapest and Miskolc while transferring in Vámosgyörk.
Online rail timetable