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Feldebrő church

The church in the village centre represents an exceptional artistic value. Although it is not obvious from its exterior, we have to enter by all means to admire the crypt from the Middle Ages.

The Feldebrő church stands in the middle of the village on a small green spot. The current Baroque exterior of the church that used to be surrounded by walls and annexed by a monastery gained its form in 1744-45 which was restored in the 19th century. Maybe the value of the treasures hidden cannot be assessed from outside. The remains of the crypt preserved from the Middle Ages and the central church above can be seen even today. According to the research carried out by István Győrffy the medieval church and crypt must have been built in the first third of the 11th century. Presumably it was Sámuel Aba who started constructing the 20×20 m five-nave centrally structured church whose style is similar to the orthodox churches. However, the wall paintings and icons of the crypt that can still be visited today divided by its thick pillars are rather typical of western Christianity. The unique value of the church is hidden in this duality.

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