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Gyöngyös-Mátra Tourism Kht.

Gyöngyös-Mátra Tourism Kht. was established in 2009 to join the enterprises of tourism in the area and help the Mátra reach its well-deserved ranking in the range of domestic tourism destinations.

Following a successful application the association acts as the local level of TDM (Tourism Destination Management) in the region. Its basic tasks comprise collecting and combining local treasures and tourism attractions into a package.

At present the operative tasks are tackled by the three-member board managed by Béla Benkő whose directives are set by the 7-member presidency with Róbert Nagy acting as the president. Other members are Anikó Dinya, László Babiczki, Tibor Palik, Péter Jaros, Tibor Ocela, Péter Szókovács.

The association has 86 members currently but it is open to everyone who accepts the basic rules and agrees with the objectives.

3200 Gyöngyös, Fő tér 10.
Tel: +36 37/311-155
Fax: +36 37/311-155
E-mail: gyongyos@tourinform.hu