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Kozmáry lookout tower

From the more than one hundred year-old renowned lookout tower made of stone near Mátrafüred there is a breathtaking view to the scenery. It is easily accessible so it is worth visiting.

The silhouette of the lookout tower strikes us when turning to the direction of Gyöngyös off the motorway M3 on the signpost of the Mátra. It is not by accident that the lookout tower built in Mátrafüred in 1900 is regarded as one of the symbols of the Mátra mountains. The lookout tower standing at the edge of the settlement was restored between the two world wars. The roof and the stairs of the lookout tower made of stone were restored again in 2010. It was named after János Kozmáry, the former director of the resort. It is displayed on a noticeboard on the wall of the lookout tower. It is one of the lookout towers of the Mátra that can be accessed easily. We must go along Béke street to get to Üdülősor where the yellow ∆ symbol leads us to the tower. We have the sight of Gyöngyös and the Sár hill in the south and the view of Kékestető and the crags of the Mátra in the north and north-east. It is worth following the yellow ∆ symbol to reach Lake Sás through Dobogó hill where another lookout tower awaits us.

The lookout tower can be visited free of charge throughout the year.