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Saint Bertholomew’s Church

This baroque church, originally built as a gothic church, has a special ground plan is one of the largest in size in Hungary.

In the northern part of the Main Square, in a four-road crossing one will find the impressive two-steepled Saint Bartholomew Parish Church, the “Big Church”, which in today`s form is in baroque style. A church of a lot smaller size stood once in its place int he second half of the 13th century. It was rebuilt first around 1350, and then at the end of the 15th century into one of Hungary`s biggest halled churches of those days. The gothic twin windows on both sides of the apse can still be seen today. The gothic church came to be rebuilt in baroque style between 1746-1756.
The steeples were added somewhat later, the northern one between 1772 and 1773, and the southern one in 1815. The church suffered serious damage int he fire of 1917, after which the steeples were clad on their more simple plesent form. The uniform baroque interior furnishing of the church was made int he 17th and 18th centuries. A treasured rarity of the church is the 15th century gothic bronze baptizing pool ont he southern side of the shrine.
In a little niche ont he southern, exterior of the nave one can see the joined crest of Tamás Széchenyi and his wife from 1335. A simple memorial bell at the southern side gate holds the memory of the 1917 fire.


Monday – Friday: 18.00
Sunday: 9.00 and 18.00