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Church Treasury

The treasury of Saint Bertalan parish-church in Gyöngyös is the second richest ecclesiastic collection in Hungary.

The collection can be found in the former Almásy house, or as it is better known – Saint Crown House, where the Hungarian Crown was guarded three times from 1806 to 1809.
Not only goldsmith works of great artistic value, goblets, soled crosses, shrines and images of the Lord are preserved in the treasury, but other objects, pictures, books, vestments and statues. 12 out of 48 goldsmith works are medieval and of Renaissance period, seven of them are goblets with specific Hungarian filigree decoration. All of them were made in the same workshop or by the same group of artisans between 1500 and 1510.
The golden silver image of the Lord , resembling a Gothic tower from the beginning of the 16th century shows quite a different kind of beauty. So do several Baroque images of the Lord, rich in decoration and made by Hungarian artists in the 18th century and numerous other goblets, pyxes and shrines from later centuries. It is by all means worth looking at the 15th century Gothic bronze baptizing basin, unique in our country, which has been standing in the southern side of the sanctuary of Saint Bertalan parish-church – its original place, for 500 years.

Saint Crown House – Church Treasury
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