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Sárhegy study path

Let’s take a botanical trip and know more protected natural treasures. Let’s learn how to respect and appreciate Nature. That is how the Sárhegy study path between Gyöngyös and Mátrafüred can help.

The south ridge of the Mátra was declared a reserve because of its unique flora and fauna rich in botanical rarities above the vineyards. The bio-geographical significance of the volcanic mountain lying south of the mountain is that it is open to the Great Plains so the forest steppe flora stretches on the southern sides and occasionally gets mixed with mountainous ones. Part of the current flora of the Great Plains survived the climate of the Ice Age on these southern slopes and spread to the plain from here. Along the 7 km long Mátrafüred – Gyöngyös study path (yellow symbol) we can get to know the vegetation of steppes, bushes and rocky grasslands through information boards. Half way through it is worth having a rest at the picturesque Lake Saint Anna.